Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center

Providence, Rhode Island

Jammat Housing and Community Development Corporation’s Beautiful Beginnings, located on Elmwood Avenue in Providence, provides high quality early learning programming to 150 young children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years, from low income households. The one-story, 14,014 square foot facility, which previously served as a Verizon warehouse and retail store, was purchased in 2003 by Jammat to house Beautiful Beginnings. It required substantial renovations to convert it to its specialized, regulated use. Planning for the conversion was supported with LISC grant dollars and significant technical support.

Year CompletedPhase 1 - 2007
Phase 2 - 2016
Construction TypePhase 1 - Adaptive reuse of
existing commercial building
Phase 2 - Interior expansion of
existing child care center
Total Development CostPhase 1 - $1,200,000
Phase 2 - $100,000
Sources of
Funds/Capital Stack
LISC Predevelopment Grants
Private Funding
Square FootagePhase 1 - 14,014 SF
Phase 2 - 2,000 SF
# of ChildrenPhase 1 - 137
Phase 2 - 72
# of Classrooms8 infant/toddler classrooms
4 preschool/pre-k classrooms
2 school age classrooms
Construction Cost/ChildPhase 1 - $8,759/child
Phase 2 - $1,388/child
Construction Cost/SFPhase 1 - $85/SF
Phase 2 - $50/SF

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