Creating Quality School-Age Child Care Space

Creating Quality School-Age Child Care Space is the latest volume in LISC’s Community Investment Collaborative for Kids’ series of practitioner resource guides, and reflects best practices in the design of high-quality physical environments for school-age children from kindergarten through eighth grade.By offering a place for innovative learning, creative play and relationship building, facilities for school-age child care programs have the potential to be vital community centers that support the needs of children, parents and schools. Whether a school-age program is planning modest improvements to its existing facility or undertaking major renovation or construction, this guide offers strategies for designing and equipping space in a way that supports program goals and activities. Since many after-school programs face serious space constraints, often operating in shared, borrowed and rented facilities in schools, churches or community centers, this guide includes many simple, low-cost solutions that can be easily implemented in any setting.

Date Published: 10/04/2011
Author: Katie Winter (Katie Winter Architecture) and Ruth Gyuse
Publisher: LISC Rhode Island Child Care Facilities Fund


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