Other types of Funding Available through LISC/RICCELFF

We encourage centers serving DHS subsidized or Head Start / Early Head Start children who are pursuing facility projects to consider other types of funding currently available through LISC/RICCELFF which include:

FACILITY PLANNING GRANTS: A limited and competitive pool of funds exists to make grants to qualified organizations so that they can secure professional services to plan for and assess the feasibility of both indoor and outdoor facility projects. Qualified services might include things such as architectural services, engineering studies, and environmental surveys.

RECOVERABLE GRANTS: To cover pre-development costs, such as an option on a site, architectural drawings, environmental and engineering review, legal and project management fees, the RICCFF makes “recoverable grants” that function like zero-interest loans. The amount of recoverable grant funds provided will vary based on the size and needs of the project and may range from $10,000 – $100,000.

LOANS: Offered at low interest rates, with flexible terms, loans ranging from $50,000 – $5 million are made to eligible organizations for the construction and renovation of child care facilities.

Contact us at riccelff@lisc.org or 401.331.0131 for more information.

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