July’s Question of the Month…

Having a playground plan developed that includes an audit of your existing playground space by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector will make your capital grant request for funding to do work on your playground space much more competitive. When developing your plan and thinking about your playground capital grant application, please keep in mind that large climbing structures are not required by any regulation or Rhode Island quality standard, are not necessary for best practice in outdoor play, and will not be funded in this grant process. Examples of items that may be considered for funding would include things such as:

  • Costs to remove unsafe equipment
  • Costs to repair or replace unsafe fencing
  • Costs of installing needed safety surfacing under structures which have been deemed fully in compliance with CPSC and ASTM guidelines
  • Sheds for the storage of “loose parts” such as riding toys, balls, hula hoops, push and pulling objects, etc.
  • Costs associated with adding appropriate activities and activity areas to playground spaces (such as sand and water play, outdoor building areas, nature and science activities, areas to use riding toys or play games, etc.)
  • Items directly related to improving safety (such as repairs or modifications to equipment) in consultation with the equipment manufacturer and/or a Certified Playground Safety Inspector

If you have any questions or need assistance with next steps, please contact us at any time!

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