If we want pre-K for all, we need to build pre-K for all

Ample evidence has proven what good early childhood education can do for a population’s intellectual, emotional and economic well-being. But to provide high quality, age-appropriate educational opportunities for all our youngest learners, we need to put our money where our mouths are, argues LISC’s Amy Gillman in an op-ed for The Hechinger Report. Gillman, LISC’s national director for health and early learning makes the case for a serious national commitment to funding and building pre-k facilities that have the best interests of our children—and our future—in mind. In this op-ed titled “Why are we sending children to pre-k programs in converted salons, bars and turkey coops?” Gillman emphasizes the importance not only of building more early learning facilities, but making sure those facilities meet the needs of our littlest learners. Featured in this piece is Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center, located in Providence, RI. LISC financed Beautiful Beginnings’ move to this carefully designed space a decade ago. Read Gillman’s op-ed below.



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