Center Spotlight: Beautiful Beginnings

When DCYF came to re-measure Beautiful Beginnings in the fall of 2014, it was determined that two of the preschool classrooms were a few square feet short of having enough space to be a fully occupied classroom of 18 children. By accessing grant dollars and technical assistance from the RICCELFF, this 4-Star center was able to reconfigure and modify their state funded Pre-K space to accommodate 18 children under DCYF’s new measurement guidelines. This reconfiguration also resulted in a best practice improvement related to supervision of the restroom facilities. With minor demolition of walls and relocation of sink fixtures, the classrooms were able to be opened up, which increased the room’s square footage and provided direct access to the restrooms.

In addition to receiving Race to the Top Early Learning Facility grant dollars, Beautiful Beginnings accessed loan dollars from LISC to make use of vacant space by expanding their preschool, creating two new preschool classrooms as well as a new Universal Preschool classroom for 18 students, each with their own custom built restroom facilities. This expanded space provides more quality slots for low income children, and is already operational with a waiting list!

The facility that Beautiful Beginnings occupies was purchased and renovated with the assistance of LISC loan dollars. Over the years Beautiful Beginnings has continued to make use of loan funds to make the types of facility improvements that are needed to increase the quality and capacity of their early learning center. Congratulations to Beautiful Beginnings – we are delighted to play a role in their success!

Wave 1 Grant Funds


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