2021 Child Care Design Workshop

Child Care Design Workshop for Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers

LISC, in partnership with studioMLA Architects, lead a design workshop to assist architects, landscape architects, and designers gain a better understanding of the basic elements, parameters, and strategies for designing spaces for early care and education settings.

“Creating a quality child care space is a specialized discipline,” said Erin Cox, Architect and Child Care Program Officer at LISC Rhode Island. “How the space is designed not only can mean the difference to the program’s quality rating, but also greatly influence the health, safety and efficacy of early learning programs.”

The day-long session featured a discussion of best practices, a review of several case studies and a robust question and answer session about climate change and sustainability in design of child care facilities. Participants from across the country asked questions and provided insights into regional challenges. To view the recorded session, click the following links:

To watch the compelling video outlining the Lincoln School case study that was achieved in partnership with LISC and StudioMLA click here.

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